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Natural Foods: The Virgin Diet De-Mystifies Food IntolerancesOver the Holidays; I love to catch up on my reading and my favorite book by far was The Virgin Diet by J.J. Virgin.


Don’t let the “Diet” word fool you!  J.J. lays out a great blueprint about food intolerance and how to eat so that you feel great release weight while never feeling deprived.


The Premise: All that “healthy food” you are eating is increasing your fat because it is stuffed with some nasty ingredients that don’t agree with our bodies.  In order to let go of the; you need to let go of the 7 foods that wreak havoc on our bodies, instead go for energy foods.


Those 7 energy foods include:

  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Sugar & Artificial sweeteners
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Peanuts

I love the way that author lays out the plan and how she explains how each HI (high intolerant) food affects our body.  Besides weight gain these foods can also:

  • Steal our energy
  • Increase our skin issues
  • Increase anxiety and depression
  • Cause our brain to fog over
  • Take our focus

As I was reading, I was truly in awe.  Ms Virgin explains such complexities with simplicity and truly lays out a comprehensive reason to let them go.

My favorite phrase: “It isn’t what you eat but what you eat eats!

Another reason I loved this book?

It showed me that I was on the right path with helping my clients regain their health.  Through the Ignite Your Energetic Spark & Shine I was leading my ladies through the process that Ms Virgin has laid out.

Yet, something VITAL is missing from the The Virgin Diet:

A Meal Plan Created for you so that you can connect the dots and create a healthy body and reveal the true you!

She explains why:  Ms. Virgin wants the reader to take ownership and responsibility for their health.

I totally agree but not until AFTER a participant has gone through the program.


I love her meal assembly pages with energy foods; but only after you have been gone through the elimination phase.  For most of us taking on The Virgin Diet is a major lifestyle change.


It is like making a baby walk without having any furniture to cruise around.


Luckily,  I have connected the dots for you.


Another Session of Ignite Your Spark and Shine: A 28 Day Challenge to Firing Up Your Metabolism begins on March 4.


Together we will, prepare, eliminate, alkalize and add back energy foods so you can know which foods work for you and which foods deserve a  permanent break-up.


Every week I will give you a menu, recipes, shopping list and show you how to make it all fit into your life.


Everything is C.F.Y: Created For You.  Your job is to follow the plan.  My job is to give you the support, encouragement and accountability.


Plus, no gross crap to drink and no starving allowed!  You are eating real food all day long!


I want you to greet spring feeling sassy, light and full of energy so I am offering the Ignite Your Inner Spark and Shine at a deep savings!


Regularly, Ignite Your Inner Spark & Shine Challenge is $197 but because I am so committed to helping you get more energy I am taking off $100!


$97 when you actt by Monday, February 25.


Go here and read more about it and to join me in the challenge.


And… Get The Virgin Diet!  It will become your body bible!


Lets start a green tea chat:  In the comments below; let me know any questions you may have about food intolerance.  I will answer, promise!!





Ah Freedom From The Swim Skirt!

I just returned from a vacation in Hawaii and to be honest; I was dreading it. I have gain some weight and as a health and wellness expert, I was feeling a bit hypocritical; after all if I can’t keep the weight off; how could I help others?
Before I left though, I had written a report about Why You Need To Stop Trying To Lose Weight and you can still get your copy here.


Little did I know that this book and a video at 12,000 feet would compel me to take off my skirt!

On my way to Hawaii, I was watching of a video from my mentor Marc David and what he said gave me the courage, relief and weight release (natural weight loss).  Below is a snippet of Marc’s message:
1. Wave a magic wand and what would you create?
2. How would that creation change your life?
3. Start living the change NOW
For example, weight release may give you permission to wear beautiful clothing. You don’t have to wait though; go and get yourself something beautiful to wear NOW.
Since my legs have borne the brunt of my past obese days; I have some big time cellulite. As a result, I always wore a skirt over my swimming suit bottom.
After that message from Marc; I took the plunge and took off my skirt. Even though I was feeling the vulnerable; I also felt free to:

• Mix and match my tops and bottoms
• Tan my entire leg instead of having a top of thigh tan line.
• To jump in the pool and get my hair wet like a child.
Then that freedom led to less eating. Now that’s natural weight loss

In the past, I always gained weight on vacation and even though I haven’t weighed myself because last month because  I vowed to go scaleless with one of my clients (go here to find out what I am talking about) ;  I know that I have released some poundage.
I ate what I wanted, had dessert and never felt hungry.

Some rules were created organically such as:
• Each breakfast buffet trip started with a green salad.
• My second trip was with a smaller plate
• I consciously ate slow and tasted my food.
• I had a smoothie at lunch. I would order it with kale, protein powder and fruit. Of course, it had some unhealthy stuff I am sure but it was the best alternative.
• I ordered an appetizer for dinner and had a salad.
I moved for 30 minutes every day. Since I still can’t jog; I chose to be easy on myself and just move my body.
Finally, I was full of energy and patience for my family… the magic of natural weight loss

As a result; I felt confident and even though I would go back to the old thinking of worrying what others thought; I would stop myself and chant: “What they think of me is none of my business.”

Since the same families return each year to the resort; I began getting compliments such as “Wow you have lost some weight!” “You are so toned!” “Your skin is just glowing!”
In reality, I had gained 5 more pounds in the last year.  Since I am short; 5 pounds on top of the 5 I gained from 2 years ago will have me up a size.
I share this story because I know that you are waiting to do something until you have “lost the weight.”

Most of us have the process backwards.


When you start doing that thing that you are holding off; the weight will leave, that is natural weight loss.

I created “Why You Need To Stop Trying To Lose Weight” before I left for vacation and although I believe in every word I wrote; I  did not live it.
I am more convinced than more than ever that this will help you and it is FREE! Go here and say no to weight-loss resolutions.

Michelle went Scaleless and she was scared sh*tless!

My friend and client, Michelle has decided to go scaleless for 8 weeks.


When I first asked her if she was ready to give up her scale; she said something that I cannot  repeat (it was a bit R rated  after all!)


Then she did it; she forked it over.


I could see a flash of terror come across her face and then I may have spotted relief.


Michelle was visiting her scale very often and it was holding some major mojo over her.


Then I told her that I would be giving up my scales as well.


For 8 weeks our scales are taking a siesta in a yellow adironack chair located in my garage.

Will you go scaleless with me & Michelle?

I am not a cold-turkey kind of coach; I like to  wean my clients slowly towards their healthy lifestyle.

This approach is less painful but yields BIG RESULTS.

Yet, when it comes to the scale; a clean break is required.

The breakup isn’t forever just 8 weeks.

That gives Michelle  60 days to take back her power, learn about her body and to let go of associating her value to a number.

For many of us; the scale is like that bad boyfriend that we can’t let go.

A few times it was soooo good.

Most of the time, it sucked.

Yet, we stick around hoping that he will feel like the first time.

So, are you ready to fire your scale for 60 days?

Yes, even during the Holiday Season; put it away and start listening to your body.

Slow down when you eat.

Savor every bite.

Without deprivation and without guilt.

Wanna join me?

What I have found is that giving up the scale can be harder than giving up sugar.

It takes courage, chutzpah and faith in yourself.

I know you have all three but do you know it?

Take the challenge; the investment won’t be coming from your wallet; but from your inner warrior who knows how to eat, drink and think her way to greatness.

So, Sista; take the challenge today.

The first step is to fill out the box below.

Each week I will send you a scaled down trick to help you take back your power over the scale and finally make friends with it.

Like Michelle and myself; it is scary; but it also brings such relief.

Do it now.



 Yes, I am Going Scaleless With You Maureen!

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