Maureen Wielansky Self care Expert

The Health Coach fell and gained 8 pounds.

A bunch of my clothes don’t fit.

At first I freaked out.  That mean girl in my head said that I was a fraud and I just proved it.

Then I starting making excuses, blaming  everyone else for my weight gain: I couldn’t exercise the way I wanted,   I had to eat those heavy meals because I wanted to make my family happy; little healthy fare was available.

Basically I believe that I couldn’t give myself the self-care that I needed because of the “others.”

I guess with age comes wisdom.   Instead of believing that voice I did what I described in my blog post yesterday.

I also realized that I was providing myself with self-care.  I was using my Martyr card: It is so much easier for me to be mad at them then to have them be mad at me.

So, I decided to come clean and shift my thinking of my weight gain and I am going to share these AHA’s with you.

These AHA’s will be a part of a action packed fun call on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 titled:


Have Dessert and Be A Couch Potato While Wearing Smaller Clothes.

To sign up for the call go here.

This is the program that I am using RIGHT NOW to erase those pesky pounds and it does include dessert and a warm blanket where you will find me watching movies.

Yes, the call will be recorded; so even if you can’t be live sign up anyway!

I know this weight gain is a gift and I can’t wait to share this gift with you!

Before you leave this page; leave me a note about how your Holidays unfolded.

Why oh why do we yo yo up and down the scale?

During my travels to this networking group and that luncheon to this event and that vacation, people are watching what I am eating.

They are also watching what they themselves are eating in front of me.

I don’t judge other’s plates but if my presence makes them think about their health, goody!

I am committed to a healthy lifestyle most days.

But, a couple of weeks a year, I go for it.

On my vacation to Hawaii, I did eat what I wanted and I had dessert.

Did I gain weight?  You betcha!

But as I have written before, the extra pounds are not the problem; it is how you react to them that is the problem.

Two years ago,  I would have freaked out and I must admit that old panic did rise in my gut when I jumped on the scale.

Yet, I know that I have the tools to handle the extra weight.

I utilized January to slowly ease my way back into reality.  I did a bunch of planning and ate sensibly.

However, I knew that when the first week of February came around it was DETOX TIME!

I planned accordingly; bought my goodies, planned my menus and prep, prepared and cooked in advance.

For 2 weeks I am being a bit strict; I cut out the grains and sugars while upping my veggies and hormone free protein.

Those first few days were challenging but now?  I feel lighter and have energy and clarity.

On February 14 I will add back some whole grains and commit to my stevia instead of splenda.

The other 48 weeks this year?  I will eat in the middle. Healthy most of the time with a delicious Saturday Night Treat.

We have been so bombarded with diets, drops, shakes and pills that we forget…

Living in the middle will reveal our knock out bodies.

Pinky Swear!

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Making It All Fit
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