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Being out of order is energizing!

Mental Fatigue Symptoms and Causes


Mental fatigue can definitely take its toll on a person’s well-being. It can actually be worse than physical fatigue because of a person’s inability to think clearly or express their feelings and frustrations. Worse still, mental stress is known to cause physical fatigue and illness, too!


Mental fatigue or exhaustion may be a result of your work, family life, conflict, or even a lack of quality sleep. If you have to make an important decision, mental stress can take its toll on you and can even lead to severe depression. This is all the more reason to avoid the consequences and implement strategies to overcome mental fatigue!


How to Relax your Mind and Boost your Energy


Relaxation is absolutely necessary to relieve mental stress, ease mental fatigue symptoms, and rejuvenate your body and mind. You’re probably thinking, “How am I going to do that?” Well, it’s easy. Here are some tips to help you reduce mental exhaustion and start implementing a relaxation routine:


  • Take time out for yourself. Spend time in a quiet room where you can reflect and get in touch with your spiritual side. Everyone has a different way of self-reflection. Some pray or meditate, others write in a journal or diary, while others simply allow their thoughts to gently release into the darkness and quietness of the room.


  • Get plenty of sleep. Mental fatigue can exist no matter how much sleep you get, but sleep does help refresh your body and mind. Getting adequate sleep will eliminate a lot of your day-to-day stress. After all, the body will have a chance to repair itself and recharge.


  • Free your mind from the problems that swirl around you. Take your mind off of those things that are causing you stress by working on a puzzle or spending time with friends and family. Or perhaps you need to go out for a nice dinner or weekend getaway to free your mind.


  • Exercise regularly. Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, which are known to make you feel happy. It’s like the body’s natural “high.” Even if all you can do is take a 15-minute walk, take it. That can be great alone time for you.


  • Try breathing exercises. When things get rough, take deep breaths in through your nose, hold it for 10 seconds, then release. You’ll notice that this will relieve tension.


  • Take a day in which you can do things by yourself. Take yourself out to a movie, go to a museum or art gallery, or do something you’ve always wanted to do but never made time for. In doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone.


  • Eat slowly.  When you chew your food, savor the flavor and allow your digestion to be efficient you will enjoy more focus.


Implementing Your Own Strategies


These are just some of the strategies to combat mental fatigue symptoms. You may have some other methods that help you relax and find peace in your life. Once you begin integrating these simple exercises into your day, you will begin to feel the weight lifted of your shoulders and before you know it, you’ll feel like a brand new person!

How to relieve your anxiety during rregnancy

How to relieve your anxiety during rregnancy

Today, I have a treat! Ryan Rivera will be my guest blogmaster today sharing how to prevent anxiety for the pregnant mama.  However, this article will be helpful for every mother because let’s face it; we the anxiety stays even after the kid leaves the uterus, the crib, the preschool, the high school and the college.   Our lives are forever changed no matter how old the child.  So, take a read and take action because anxiety is a nasty energy stealer!

A little about Ryan:

Ryan Rivera has met many couples anxious over whether they can get pregnant after only a few months. He writes information about anxiety at


Self-Care to Prevent Anxiety in Pregnant Women


Becoming a parent is an intense life-altering event. While motherhood can be a rich and fulfilling experience, it can be wearying if new moms neglect to care for themselves. Pouring all your love and attention to your child is truly enriching, but throw in all your other daily chores and obligations into the mix and the tasks become unbearable.


I should have realized that trying to do everything and attempting to be everywhere at once would be a terrible and costly mistake. The chronic attacks of panic and anxiety were signs that I was not giving enough to myself. Patience got thin and tempers easily flared. In the hope of becoming the perfect mom and wife, I ended up as a nervous wreck with the compulsion to accomplish every task at the expense of my family, my health and my sanity. I knew I need help before everything shatters into pieces.


Fortunately, it is at this point that I came to comprehend that mothers and expectant moms need to take the time to care for themselves in order to have the strength and capability to care for others. Now pregnant with my second child, I have learned that there are things that you can do to stay anxiety-free and lower your risk of catching serious medical problems. Here is the anxiety help guide during pregnancy that has done wonders for me.


  • Maintain communication with your spouse at all times and be honest with each other. Talk about your worries and concerns.  Comfort one another especially in times when one of you is feeling down or depressed.


  • Do not overwhelm yourself with a lot of things during pregnancy. Home repair or improvements, hosting a party, or a new job can cause a large amount of stress. Instead, focus on your pregnancy and the changes the baby will bring when she arrives.


  • There will be times when you’ll feel beat and all stressed up. Take this as a cue to take it slowly and relax. Take time off from your tasks if you need to.


  • Give yourself some love by staying fit and trim. Eat plenty of healthy food and burn it off with regular exercise.


  • House chores, looking after your kids, or doing gardening work can drain you big time. Don’t hesitate to accept the help offered by other people in these areas.
  • Pregnancy can bring several changes in a relationship, including sexual needs. Talk to your spouse about these changes.


  • Anticipate potential financial problems. Can your household survive on one salary where there used to be two?
  • Are you thinking of going back to work after giving birth? That will depend on several factors. Does your baby need special care and attention?  What if you’re not healthy enough and can’t go to work?


  • Make an assessment of who can help and support you and your child. Think of people who you feel very close to. Are there other moms and couples you know who are willing to support you and your baby?


  • Attend antenatal classes to prepare you for your baby’s birth. Here you will learn what to expect during the birth process, even things that can go wrong. If you are a single mom and feel out of place in only-couple classes, you can attend support groups for single moms.


  • There will be a lot of changes going on in your mind and body that has everything to do with your pregnancy. This is the time for you to get special care and attention for yourself.


  • Bouts of depression and anxiety have a way of sneaking in. At the first sign of these problems, seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t forget that anxiety and depression are treatable during pregnancy.


Taking the time to respect and care for yourself can bring long-term physical and emotional benefits for you and your entire family. In demonstrating a healthy lifestyle by caring for yourself, you are passing down to your children one of the most important life lessons they will ever learn.




no energy

Freedom of living my 10 commandments makes me want to boogie on down!

Yesterday I shared about my journey about my weight gain and body image.


Today, I had some horrible sugar cravings again. I had no energy


While in the 4th store looking for deodorant and listerine; ( my husband is a bit picky!) I was struck with a compulsion to buy lifesavers.


I was trying to convince myself that eating a roll of lifesavers would do me good as I had no energy; so I searched.


I couldn’t find a roll; but I did find a big ole bag.  I took them off the shelf and I put them back on the shelf about 3 times.


Then I decided to search a little longer for that single lifesaver roll and entered Christmas Candy hell.



My eyes fell upon my childhood stocking stuffer dream: those lifesaver christmas packs that contained 5 or 10 rolls.


You had me at multi-pack

Again, I pick it up and started to rationalize that I would eat just one roll and throw the rest away.

Yet, this wasn’t my first trip to the lifesaver storybook pack rodeo. I knew that if I bought that pack that I would eat at least 3 packs.


I began to cry.


Yes, in the middle of the drug store I was crying and cursing that 10 pack for controlling my life.


I heard Delilah Dazzle told me to step away from the candy aisle.  Delilah is my intuition.  Yes I name her (judge if you must.)


I dried my eyes and walked away secretly hoping that a single lifesaver roll was waiting for me at the checkout counter.


It wasn’t.


As I slid into the car and grabbed onto the steering wheel; I surrendered my sugar craving (no energy for it).


I prayed for God to take it because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore.


Thankfully, he took my craving


Lifesavers are deadly for me.  They trigger all kinds of good and bad childhood memories.


After I had regained my composure I asked Delilah: what was that about?

Your lack of faith makes you crabby and you are wanting sugar to sweeten you life.


Then she said: create those 10 commandments and your need for sweetness will disappear.  She was right.


I created my 10 commandments and the sweetness is beginning to return.  Here are mine:

1. I influence the scale; I don’t control. It holds no power over me.

2. I only wear clothes that honor my body as it is TODAY.

3. Fit trumps size everyday of the week.  Both in health and in clothing.

4. When I eat I eat; When I read, I read and when I TV I TV

5. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied.

6. I allow my gut to illuminate my life.

7. Hating my body only makes the scale tip up.  To tip it down; I first love my body as it is today.

8. I welcome cravings as a gift that is providing vital information to my ongoing transformation.

9. Everyday I work towards mastering the art of slow down and savor.

10.  Forgiveness and gratitude are the kindling to my metabolic fire.


Sista Chat time:  I just revealed my struggle with food.  Are you willing to share yours in the comments below so I can help you?  Also, are you willing to create your own 10 commandments?



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