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I AM NOT A FOOD ADDICT Over On another site I am blogging about Food Addiction and Being a Food Addict.


You Can read some of my insights and failings at The Food Addiction Sanctuary.  Just go here.


Yet, I am not a food addict.  I have a food addiction but I am not a food addict.


It goes the same for people with other diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.


You are not Diabetic, Heart Diseased, Alcoholic or a drug addict.


You may have one or a few of these disease but you are not the disease.


So, what is the big deal?  Am I just being a little picky at semantics?
Not at all.


YOU are magnificent, exquisite, unique and powerful.     You may have some thing but you are not it.


I am not a food addict.  I have a disease that is called food addiction.


Allow the shame the propel these labels to float away because they are just your “thing”.


Every person on this earth has a “thing” that keeps them human.


For example, my “thing” is food while my friend has a healthy view of food.  She eats to live.  When she gains a few pounds she just cuts back on her portions.


Her “thing” has to do with intimate relationships.  That is her “thing.”


Yet, that thing isn’t who you are, it s merely something that keeps you human and humble.  It allows you to be compassionate.


For many years I called myself a food addict, yet I refused to allow anyone to say my son was Autistic.


Was I in denial?   Not at all, I just knew that he was a boy who had Autism.


He wasn’t autistic he had autism.


When I would rally for that autism diagnosis during IEPs  and with insurance; people would question me; wondering why I would want THAT label to follow him his whole life.


I knew that that diagnosis was not a label it was a Godsend.  With an Autism diagnosis I knew that he could get the maximum help required.


Eventually Austin was re-diagnosed with complex learning disabilities.


He is almost 21 goes to school in Florida, thousands of miles from home.


He is in a fraternity and has friends.


Besides my brother, he is the most content person I have ever met.


Did it all happen because I refused to allow a label to define him?


I would like to think I was that powerful!  I believe that lack of shame that is fueled with an autism diagnosis helped.  If anyone said he was autistic, I corrected them.


I think God just made him that way.


Can you see the importance behind how you refer to yourself?


You may have a thing but you are not that thing?


What is your thing?  Let me know in the comment section!







The end is the beginning or is it?

The end is the beginning or is it?

As you may or may not know or care; I have been debating whether to continue with Making It All Fit.


After going over my charges with my husband the decision was made.


He didn’t make it. He didn’t say you have to stop doing this.


I just saw how much money I spent (yes spent, not invested) with 0 results and I couldn’t do it anymore.


He was asking me questions about each line item.  It was either some high end coaching, product or program; most of which I forgot I even purchased in the first place.


Every year we go through these shenanigans.  Me feeling so foolish and him bewildered!


What is different from the past is that this time I was ready to say goodbye.


I am tired of feeling like a fool.  It is embarrassing and shameful.


I gave it everything I had.  I gave Making It All Fit my recovery, my body, my self-respect.


I allowed people to walk all over me for the sake of Making It All Fit.


Making It All Fit was my baby and I am grieving her leaving me.


It isn’t a death but more of the end of a very stressful chapter.


I remember when I started down this road; I believed that building a business was simple; if I  just took action  the results would show themselves.


It didn’t work that way with me.  I worked my ass bigger and saw very little.


The most I ever earned was 8000 for the YEAR.


Even if you give everything you have success is not guaranteed.


Sometimes quitting is the most courageous act.
Tweeting me might not only help you but someone else in twitter land: Tweet: Sometimes quitting is the most courageous act.


I thought: maybe a new website would help: NO


Maybe if I change my mission that will help: NO


Maybe if I “acted as if: I was successful then I would be successful: Bullsh*t..


When I look around at “FAKEBOOK” and the “SELFIES” on instagram; I see all puppy dogs and rainbows. selfies



 I am being negative and I mean to be negative.  After all, I can be negative on my blog because it is mine.


Plus, most people don’t have courage to say they failed until they were successful again.


I have the “Cahoonas”.  I will tell you I failed and I will tell you that I cried.


I have gone a week without washing my hair.


I have lived in sweatpants over the last 2 months.


I have dodged phone calls from friends and “not so friends”. 


Yeah, I was a bit depressed, so what?


I am  allow ourselves to be sad, angry and mad.  Too many people are afraid of these feelings.


Stop it.


Oh I know that there is  a lesson.


I know that I really didn’t fail; I just know what doesn’t work for me.




I am continuing to wear my sweats.


Ok, I will start washing my hair.


Yet, I refuse to not grieve.


I am sad yet I know this is the best decision.


I will keep writing this blog because I love to write.  It is purifying and cleansing for me to get my feelings out.


Your turn:  What have you failed at that was later seen as a blessing?  Do you have any words of wisdom for me?  Please share in the comments below.


Enough sad sh*t  Let’s get back to acting as if everything is puppies and rainbows. puppies and rainbows

Stress and Sleep (lack of)  will ruin your spring and I just cannot let that happen.  I am all about you getting your sleepy time on schedule so you can enjoy all the ripe colors and longer days.

On Tuesday, I shared how stress and sleep have a dysfunctional relationship and gave you some tips on how to sleep like a baby. You can read it here.

Yesterday, I created a step by step system that you can use immediately. These tips will decrease your stress while increasing your sleep.   It is a free download that you can access here.

So today, I thought you might enjoy this video from Kate Schrup MPH and I thought it was very interesting.

What she demonstrates is so simple and you can do it on a plane, train or automobile.

Speaking of simple….

If you are stressed and sleepy; it may seem like the answer has to be complicated.

Think back to something that you overcame.  Got it?

I am sure the work was hard but was the solution complicated?

The hardest part has to do with letting go of your resistance and surrendering to the fact that maybe your solution is simple.

Can I share an example with you?

I am usually a sound sleeper, but during a stressful time sleep was not my friend.

I began to freak out which made me more stress and sleep became even harder to obtain.

So when I woke up, I would go downstairs and put the headphones on and watch TV until I fell back asleep.

I missed my workouts and felt guilty and mad with only increased my stress and decreased my sleep.

At first I changed everything around.  I moved mattresses, gobbled melatonin, and tried to go to sleep earlier.

When these big changes affected my stress and sleep even more, I knew what I had to do.

I gave away the headphones.

I took them to the Good Will store up the street.

I could not watch TV downstairs without the headphones because it would wake my husband.  Without those wireless contraptions, the TV had to stay off.

Even though it may seem radical to you; for me it was simple.  The lack of headphones meant that  I had to face my Sleepless in St. Louis Virus

It really is simple but it won’t be easy.

This simple salty activity may be a bit woo woo. You may think that there has to be a kinder and gentler way.

Just like I did; take your thoughts to Good Will and give them away and then try this ritual

Check out the video and let me know what you think!

English: Sleeping baby.

You can get your stress in check and sleep like a baby.  It’s simple but may not be easy.

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