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Austin sitting in the same spot that I left him in Fall 2008

3.5 years ago; I left my son.  He was 15 and I left him at a boarding school 2 hours south of my home.  It was the hardest thing I ever did.  When I look at this picture I still tear up and wonder how we ever left.

Why would I leave my child?  What kind of person leaves her child at a boarding school?

The kind of person who knew that she couldn’t keep her promise if she didn’t.

Austin was diagnosed with Autism just shy of 3 years old.  When he was diagnosed; I hugged him tightly and whispered that we would never give up on him.  We vowed to move heaven and earth and to fight anyone who got in our way from providing our son with every advantage possible.

This boarding school was his best chance of going to college so we found the recourses.  We were judged for our decision as well with remarks such as “How can you leave  your child?”  or  “You have given up control over your child, how dare you!”

As the President of the people-pleaser club; that hurt and drove me to bed with a box of brownies because I was asking myself the same questions!  In addition, after 12 years of therapy, IEP’s, researching and fighing; I needed a break.

Yea, that was a tough thing to admit.  Part of me was a little relieved because I was burnt out.  I was also at the breaking point and feeling so guilty for feeling the way I felt and looking the way I did.

Luckily, it ended up being  the best decision we ever made.  Brehm Preparatory School has become our angel  giving Austin a high school experience where he goes to prom, has leadership positions, is in the play and has the opportunity to do what he loves: play sports and run half-marathons.

That child is not only going to Lynn University in the fall but he also received 2 scholarships with one being a National Scholarship.  Austin was one of 15 children to receive the reward from 1000s of applications.

In addition, his diagnosis went from Autism to severe language disability.  Austin understands what you are saying, it just takes him a few seconds longer.  I am not saying that he had Autism and was cured.  Rather, Language disabilities when left untreated can look like Autism.  After years of treatment, the echolalia, rigidness and sensory issues left Austin.

Now a new and scary chapter begins and that is why I am leaving.  I will be going to Boca Raton, Florida when my son enter school in the fall.  I will start with 2 weeks.  We just don’t know how much support he will need until we get into the school year.  We will see how the first year goes before deciding whether a permanent move will be needed.  As I think about all the details and logistics that go with starting a new chapter, I have been asking: “How can I take care of me during this time?”  In order for me refuse the binge and worry party, I am going to need some self-care  tricks to get me past the anxiety.

So that is why I am leaving but that is only a part of the story.  as you know it will disappear and be replaced with a new website, a new mission, a new tv station, new products and new programs focused on fighting the Superwoman paradigm.

During my 2 years as a Holistic Health Coach, I discovered that weight gain is a symptom and only addressing weight loss is like closing the door on a raging fire.  You may be safe for awhile but eventually you will get burned!

The real problem is the direct result of women not valuing their self-care and living up to a societal standard that is dysfunctional and unrealistic.

So, weight loss may be a focus when necessary.  It  just will not THE FOCUS.  Instead; I will be sharing ways that we can indulge ourselves without hurting ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I have been hurt enough and I am determined to share the value of filling our bucket first so others can be fed from the overflow.

So, now lets get back to you!

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I thank you for reading and I can’t wait to show you my new home in Boca and online!

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