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Today my son leaves for camp for 8 weeks.

He goes away to school so he is used to being away from home.

However, he has never been to this camp and I have been worrying all day.

When I worry; I want to eat for the comfort.

Sound familiar?

I sat down took out my journal and started writing about all the parts of this process that I don’t control.

That list was LOONNNG!

Then I asked God to take that long list and to watch over my son.  Make sure that he is safe and has a great time.

Then I sat and had a good cry.  One of those cries that make  you yelp out loud.

Then I fell asleep like I used to do when I was a little girl.

Am I still scared?  Yep!  The point isn’t that my fear went away, but rather that I had tools to deal with the constant chatter in my head.

Now I just pray when worry starts to chatter in my ear.

All this made me think about people and worry and why they worry and what I can do to help.


The details are still top secret, but I put together this little movie to see if others would like to stomp the worry bug.

I am going to run only on my facebook page and it will be totally a gift from me to you.

Sort of like Christmas in June!

What you are not a fan?  Well go here and hit the like button so you don’t miss the juicy details!

Boy, I don’t know what it is but my mind has been creating a whirlwind of programs and systems.

This morning, I woke at 4:30am and had a brainstorm and this is it.

See, I am offering a new service come January.

It is called the Knock Out Body Transformation Blueprint.

It is a fast paced session that will assess where you are, where you want to go and outline a plan to get you there.

I am offering it as Holiday Gift for you or a friend along with lots of other goodies.

More on that Next Week.

In the meantime, watch my very amateur movie and leave me a comment if you are interested!

Right now I have no voice so I made this movie to express myself.

I have been burning the candle on both ends and boy has my body exploded.

I could go on and on but the message is in the movie.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Making It All Fit
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