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You Don’t Need A Weight Goal. It Is Only Keeping You Stuck.

That Coveted Weight Loss Goal is Killing Your Progress.

Are you feeling a bit uncomfortable? After all, the weight loss goal has been the greatest measure of our health.

Some may say it also determines our worth.

Even the greatest weight loss program in the world uses the scale to measure progress. (Note: “they” say it is the greatest. I am a serial failure with that program; but that is for another time.)


I truly believe with all my heart that the scale and setting goals is hurting our health, our psyche and our well being because:

1. You don’t control the scale.  You influence it but you don’t control it.


2. That measure is so incomplete.  You can have 2 women who weigh the same but look totally different.  The reason is multi-faceted due to height, muscle definition, water retention, and bone structure.


3. The biggest reason has to do with your relationship to your body


Most of us learned at a very young age that our bodies where not good enough.


Personally, I was called bubble butt and double butt by my uncles.  Of course, they were kidding but that has stuck with me since 4 years of age.


I also spent a few years getting my picture taken with my eyes half-closed because a boy in the neighborhood called me bug eyes.


We are not born disliking or ignoring our bodies so why would we want to spend the rest of our lives hating what God gave us?

It is time for a Bodylicious Intervention Smackdown!


Think of your body as your baby.  When you are taking care of your baby you:

  •  Accept her as she is
  • Comfort her when she is sad
  • Encourage her when she is learning a new skill.
  • Cuddle her
  • Feed her with the best quality of food possible.

So, what if you put a condition on her?

Even when you say “I love you so much, I want to you to be at your perfect weight” you are implying that your body is not good enough as she is and as a result your body is put under stress at a physiological level, cortisol is increased and weight loss will be full of effort and the fight is on and the loser is you!  Unfortunately, you won’t lose the weight you only lose more self-esteem.

Would you put that condition on your baby?  Of course not!

Are you wondering: “Everything we have ever been told revolved around setting goals.  Our minds need benchmarks of improvement and if we don’t set one then aren’t we giving up?”

Absolutely not!  I am not asking you to give up.

As I said  setting weight goals hurts our progress because we don’t control the scale.  So how about trying a new approach?  An approach that revolves around what you do control.

When you shift your motives and set your sights on factors you control then the weight will leave you!


What do you control?:

exercise, what you put in your mouth, your responses, your sleep ( to a degree), how your clothe your body.

How can you measure your progress?

Consistency, food journaling, how your clothes fit you, energy level, fitness progress.


  • Weigh yourself once a week
  • Chart your weight
  • Respond to the scale as your friend as opposed to your foe who rules your life.


Next time, I am going to share a Pledge of Bodyliciousness.  Until then, tell me in the comment section: do you agree?  Also, what never ways are you going to measure your progress?

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