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Self Care Scare: Why I Took My Clothes Off

Are you wondering why I took a picture of myself in a 2 piece swimming suit?

I took my clothes off because I talk about body love all the time; love your body no matter what.

Yet, I wasn’t willing to do it 100%

When I released 50 pounds in 2009; I fell in love with my body all over again; 150 was good enough I said….

Then the honeymoon ended and 10 pounds slowly reappeared.

I felt lost because what used to work no longer worked.  My 12 step group; that saved me was slowly sucking my energy.

I started to wear the same clothes everyday and that old song started to play in my head once again: “You are just stupid and fat.”

I knew something had to change; but I just wasn’t sure what and like my clients I didn’t want to go back to shopping diet plans because now I knew more.

I knew that stress was taking its toll on me.

I knew that I had allowed some non-negotiables to become negotiable.

One of those non-negotiables was a pantry that supported my health and gave me energy.  I took a good hard look at the pantry and on those shelves was a true reflection of my feelings.

* Cereal had reappeared on the shelves, along with chips and cookies.  My husband had requested them and I had obliged.

I promptly threw them out.  Full bags of sugar and salt were crushed and purged into the trashcan.

He doesn’t need them and I don’t want them so they are gone.

What I am doing now is an Extreme Pantry Makeover and I decided to show you how you can do the same in my new content filled, no cost video series:

The Secrets to a Clean and Lean Pantry.

You can get more information and sign up here.

What about the state of my body?

I hired a health coach, joined a gym that I love  (and costly) and have started an elimination diet to start uncovering the mysteries of my food allergies.

So, can you relate?  What is one thing that you are going to make a non-negotiable?  Let me know in the comment section.

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