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FIT Friday: How to Keep Things Spicy!

Are you bored in the workout room?

I am!

How does one keep those workout interesting and spicy, body changing and refreshing?

Although I am a Certified Personal Trainer I only play one on Television.

In other words I know what to do but I don’t feel comfortable showing others HOW to do it.  Food, emotions, cooking and the kitchen are more my thing.

What I can to is detail what I do to keep things fun and having my body wondering: “Now what is she up to?”

I work things in 4 week increments for a couple of reasons:

1. changing things monthly help to keep my body changing.

2. changing things monthly mentally keeps me engaged.

Any longer then I am a bit bored.

However, since I was training for a 1/2 marathon I performed more running and less weights.

Now that the training is over, I am ready to tone and define my upper body.

What that means is more time in the gym!

Yet each session has to be focused and planned because more than 60 minutes will drive me crazy.

My plan involves a day of lower body circuit training, a day of boot camp to hit the whole body and then 2 additional days of upper body/ab work.

One day will be a day of running (to keep me in running shape for a possible triathalon).

One day off and One quick cardio day.

Yes that is 6 days of working out.  That is my plan.  Your plan will be different depending on what you want to accomplish, where you are right now and your preferences.

Not sure where to start?  The first step is here.

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